You may ask yourself.......do I really need a wedding album?   Why don’t I just choose a photographer who will provide me with all of my images on a USB stick.  Before you go down that route though, you should think it through.   What will you actually do with those images?

Here at Fifth Avenue Photography, we think there is something far more special, exciting and valuable in holding a printed photograph in your hand and handing it to your partner or a member of your family as you reminisce together about the special day that the photograph depicts.

Isn't that why we still go to the effort of having our favourite images printed. We have photographs of our loved ones in our wallets or purses.  We have our favourite images of our parents and children on our desks at work. We may have some of the images enlarged for canvas or have them framed and they take pride of place in our homes, there to share with all who share your life and visit your home.

We do this because we want to remind ourselves how important our loved ones are to us on a daily basis.

The current trend these days is to receive all of your wedding day photography on a CD or a USB memory stick. We agree that there is merit in this service to you as one important part of your overall photography package.  It gives you the opportunity to have as many images printed as you like or can afford and you have the choice to put together a wedding day album of your own using the many basic and economic options that are available out there.

In our experience, however, if a couple has chosen a photographer on that basis, then only a few of those couples go the further step of having a wedding album designed.........too many other priorities will get in the way.   We know you are just starting out together and there’s a lot to organise like furniture for your new home or the honeymoon! Some couples may not get around to having any images printed..........and the USB will be popped away in a drawer somewhere.   Is that really what you want given the money it probably cost to plan your day.  All those details that you spent months putting together just popped away in a drawer, out of sight?

When you have invested so much money in hiring a professional photographer it makes sense to display those amazing photographs in the best possible way.   Your wedding day will be a wonderful day.  So why not plan in an album from the outset.

Fifth Avenue Photography believe that we wouldn't be giving you, our client the service you deserve if an album was not included in your wedding package. You deserve the best.

Think how satisfying it will be working together with your photographer to design a tangible, unique record of YOUR day by way of your own personally designed album.

The wedding album will become part of the history of your family. A timeless classic to be passed down through the generations – your future family. A reminder to you and everyone that looks through it what a wonderful special day it was and how you celebrated your love for each other.

We have put together a collection of high end albums which, in our opinion, are some of the best in the world. Sourced from the United States and Japan, these are very special wedding albums of the highest quality.

Whether your wedding will be held in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere else in Scotland you can be sure by choosing Fifth Avenue Photography to capture your day then your images will be displayed in a custom designed hand made wedding album.