How many photographs will we receive?

You can reasonably expect to have between 300 and 400 digital image files that will be optimised for social networking. Those will consist of a mixture of candid and posed bridal party and guest photographs and a record of the decorative elements of the day.

How much time should you allow for photography?

Pre and Post wedding photography time depends on your venue or venues. We discuss your requirements fully at the pre-wedding consultation, but as a guide we recommend:-
• bride should be fully dressed 45 minutes to one hour prior to the cars arriving.
• the groom should arrive at the venue 45 minutes prior to the ceremony.
• up to 2 hours for photography after the ceremony, e.g. - 30 minutes for you both to enjoy the drinks reception, - 20 – 30 minutes for formal groups, and - 45 minutes to one hour for intimate portraits of the bride and groom.

What if the day runs late?

Don’t panic. Your guests understand that photography is a key part of your wedding day. If you are worried and stressed about your guests it will show in your images. Trust in your attendants to take care of your guests, put on some element of entertainment in the interim period between the ceremony and the meal. Remember, we’ve already visited your venue and scouted locations for the intimate shots we plan to take. Timing is very important to us. We will work quickly and efficiently with the time you allocate us. Be strong with your venue: some venues are not at all flexible and won’t accommodate their running order being impacted. They often suggest to a bride and groom that the only way to get timing back on track is to cut your photographer’s time. However, whilst we are used to things going off course a little in terms of the timing, we will work with that but we can’t create beautiful images, if our time is constantly cut into.

How do I book you?

Booking is easy. You can hold your date on the payment of a deposit of £300. Then and only then is your date secured. We will send you a booking form which you should complete and return to us. We will then send you a copy of the fully binding contract. Your deposit is generally non-refundable as we may have refused another wedding for your date whilst holding it for you. Your final package balance is due to be paid in full 2 weeks before the wedding date.

After the wedding, how long will it be before we are able to see the photographs?

Normally within 3 weeks of the date of the wedding. We’ll keep in contact with you regularly to ensure that you have an indication of delivery and if we can get them to you earlier we will.

Would you cover a wedding outwith Scotland?

Yes. Absolutely, but we would need to discuss additional expenses involved for us to do that, especially if it involved an overnight stay. However, we can’t see that it would add significantly to your costs as we would ensure we kept those expenses to a minimum for you and were entirely visible to you before you confirmed the booking.

I don’t like having my photograph taken – how can you help me relax?

We might consider a pre-wedding shoot. Even better if we can visit the venue together (although that’s not always possible).      

This should be the happiest day of your life, and we don’t want to do anything that interferes with your enjoyment of the day. We won’t force you into all manner of poses if we see that you are uncomfortable, we’d rather you didn’t even realise that the photographs were being taken. You must try to trust us.

Why should we choose you?

Despite being involved in wedding photography for so long, when the time came to choose our own wedding photographer 8 years ago, we were disappointed with the final results. Choosing a traditional film photographer over digital meant that we had a limited package of prints at the end of the day. We thought we had chosen well, but on the day the photographer who arrived was not the person we had met. We got it wrong and whilst it was an amazing day, our photographs don’t do us justice.

We promised ourselves that we’d never make any of our couples feel like that. The care and attention we put into not only the wedding day, but the pre and post wedding communication and preparation is every bit as important as what we do on the day. We are there to give you advice from the moment you get in touch with us until the day your finalised album is in your hands. We don’t just give you advice so that you choose us. We want you to be sure about your choice and if that’s not us, then we understand. But the relationship has to feel right from both sides.

Why are photographers so expensive. How can you justify the costs?

On the surface, we get your point – when there’s so much else to pay for, one might wonder if savings can be made in this area. But we know what’s involved both in the run up to the day and afterwards. Our pricing is very competitive in the luxury photography market and includes a pre-wedding shoot, travel involved for that, the post production on those images, venue visit for location scouting, The admin associated with the formality of the bookings, contracts, group photo lists, wedding details, orders, album printing, etc. Wedding day attendance at approximately 10 hours, travel to and from the venue on the wedding day, two photographers providing reassurance about what might happen if one were unable to attend. Then there’s the post production work, the creative production of the final images, album layout, slideshow production and editing, technical support in terms of client site links etc. It’s not just the 10 hours commitment on the wedding day, It can be two to three weeks work to ensure that the money you invested delivers the best possible work we can give you.

You have to decide how important the photography is to you. If you are not that fussed, then we might not be right for you. However, if you find someone whose work you love and who you get on with, you should do everything you can to try and afford the fee. You won't regret it.

If I’m having an album, how long will it take to arrive?

Fifth Avenue Photography aims to deliver your finalised album within four weeks of placing your final layout order.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance. Details of full coverage can be provided.

What happens in the event of illness or accident?

Since we are a team, it would be unlikely that we would both be unable to attend on the day. Our back-up connections are photographers in their own right. You should bear in mind that any costs involved in obtaining another assistant or another photographer on the day would be the responsibility of Fifth Avenue Photography and that cost would not be transferred to you, the client.

How do you feel about other guests taking photographs at the same time?

Its completely natural that families and friends will wish to take photographs on the day and we don’t discourage that. We would ask guests to be mindful though that they are not getting in the way of the professional photography.

Do you carry backup equipment in case of failure?

We use Canon equipment. There is a back up equivalent for every piece of equipment that we use. We have a myriad of different lens types for every eventuality. To this date we haven’t experienced a technical failure that we were not prepared for. The key for us is preparation and all equipment is tested fully and camera and flash batteries are re-charged prior to every event.